SUPing & Kite Surfing

SUPing & Kite Surfing

When the winds are just right and the conditions are perfect, a trip to Exmouth can become a whole new adventure for the water enthusiast!  From diving and snorkeling to surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and standup paddle boarding lessons you will be able to find everything you wished for.  Cape Range National Park offers some of the best Exmouth kite surfing spots in Western Australia.

Whilst during the winter months Exmouth attracts surfers of all ages and ability with its popular surfing spots during the early summer months(Sep-Dec). Exmouth turns into the perfect destination for kite surfers and wind surfers – attracting people from all over the world.  Western Australia is one of the best destinations due to the ‘sea breeze’ being a very consistent and reliable wind that is guaranteed most afternoons during the summer months.

Experience the deserted uncrowded beaches of Exmouth and the Cape Range National Park for kite surfing and wind surfing of all levels.  Find one of the best flat water spots in WA at ‘Sandy Bay’ in the Cape Range National Park.  Its the perfect spot for free style, learning or just cruising.  Take the whole family to this stunning beach not only for the windy activities but also for those who would like to watch, sunbathe or swim in the crystal clear waters.

We have a local kite surfing instructor working at the park who can provide visitors to our park with a locals insight into the best spots to kitesurf the amazing Ningaloo coast.

Exmouth Surf Centre, conveniently located here in the caravan park, have stand up paddle boards for hire as well as a range of kite surfing gear for hire.

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