Exmouth Turtle Nesting Season

Exmouth Turtle Nesting Season

Distance – Across the Road 75m
Jurabi Turtle Centre – 3kms
National Park – 17kms

It’s that time again – Exmouth Turtle Nesting Season- the seasons are changing – it’s getting hotter and on the North West Cape there are turtles to be found everywhere. Summer is the season for turtle tracking on the Ningaloo Reef.

There are seven species of marine turtles worldwide, three of which are known to nest on the beaches and islands adjacent to the Ningaloo Reef, between December and February. After mating during the day green, hawkesbill and loggerhead turtles will drag themselves ashore during a nocturnal spectacle to lay eggs and write another chapter in natures fascinating epic.

Six weeks later the little hatchlings appear by the dozens. Hatching baby turtles can be seen early morning or late evening in their natural environment, as they enter the world and then the sea in quick succession. This occurs from around November to mid April every year.