Migrating Humpbacks

Migrating Humpbacks

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Experience the annual migration of the awesome humpback whales to Exmouth between July and November.

Whales and their calves spend their time frolicking in the calm gulf waters. The waters around Exmouth are an ideal location to see the humpback whales playing and nursing their calves, after being born at the beginning of July. This is a event you watch from the Lighthouse, from our Lookout Chalets and from the local beaches close by.

The Humpback Whale tours Exmouth give you excellent photographic opportunities to see these majestic whales in their element – up close.

A curious calf or adult whale may at times approach your tour boat, surfacing so they can get a good look at you – and you can appreciate the dimensions of this mammal that is the fifth largest of the great whales with its huge wing like flippers. Adult females grow to 19 metres, slightly longer than adult males. A mature humpback may weigh 40 tonnes.


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