The turtles are laying eggs!!

The turtles are laying eggs!!

Turtle hatching season occurs around October each year. Turtles lay their eggs on the beach and about six weeks later we see the first hatchlings.

This is a great time of year to take the kids down to the beach at night and show them the turtles coming up to lay their eggs in the sand.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife ask that we are careful when watching the turtles and that we make sure to keep our torch lights out of their eyes as they are very sensitive to light. Turtles also need to have a bit of space to find a place to lay their eggs.

Turtles come back to the same spot of beach that they hatched from over 30 years ago. After turtles hatch they create a mind memory map of the beach as they run down to the sand, this mind memory mad is used when they are adult turtles and after the mating season they travel up the same beach they were born on to lay their own eggs.

This is why when a turtle hatches it is very important not to carry the turtle to the water, no matter how tempting. If you do happen to see a turtle get stuck in a wheel rut then it is OK to gently lift the sand under the turtle and give it a helping hand out of the wheel rut, but after that the turtle needs to find his own way down the beach to the water.

It is an amazing thing to see an adult turtle came back to the same beach it hatched from to lay its very own eggs!