Ningaloo Lighthouse Project

An exciting new project is coming to Exmouth.

The centrepiece will be a world-class eco resort nestled at the foot of Vlamingh Head, where the Ningaloo Lighthouse Holiday Park currently sits.

The resort will be carefully designed to respond sensitively to the area’s unique landscape and retain the semi-remote visitor experience.

A mix of accommodation options will be on offer, including eco tents, villas, caravan bays and hotel rooms.

The project will create hundreds of local jobs in Exmouth and utilise local businesses.

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How can my business get involved?

Tattarang is committed to utilising local businesses and suppliers for the construction and ongoing operation of Exmouth Eco Resort. If you are keen to partner with us register your details below.

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(Tattarang) have intentions of building a high-class eco resort to further showcase our rich environmental assets to the world.... This is a very exciting, once-in-a-generation opportunity for Exmouth.
We are truly fortunate to now have an applicant that is all about preserving and promoting our unique natural environment by building a resort that enhances and encourages World Heritage values.
Matthew Niikkula, Exmouth Shire President